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"Welcoming the Burn" Claire/Mohinder (R) - Claire_Mohinder
A fansite for Claire Bennet & Mohinder Suresh
"Welcoming the Burn" Claire/Mohinder (R)
Title: Welcoming the Burn
Author: kenzimone
Disclaimer: I wish
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Mohinder/Claire
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: G–R
Summary: 50 sentences, one pairing.
Crossposted: typings, heroes_fic, 1sentence, claire_mohinder, fanfiction.net
Notes: For the 1sentence challenge. Unbeta'd. Like the last time I tried this, ordinary sentences somehow turned into run-on ones, and I apologize for completely butchering the English language. Some sentences may tie into a couple of my other fics (regarding Mohinder's power or the Post-Mortem AU!verse), though most are regular AUs (simply because of the fact that Claire is obviously not fifteen in any of them). When you review, please tell me which sentence you liked the best.

( Welcoming the Burn )

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